# 1132



Approximate Size:

Fence Panels:
All = 1420mm High (Lowest Point) x 1490mm High (Highest Point)
2 @ 1850mm Wide
1 @ 2475mm Wide
3 @ 2550mm Wide
4 @ 2680mm Wide
x7 Posts: 2100mm High x 50x50mm

Double Gates:
1490mm High (Lowest Point) x 1980mm High (Highest Point)
5160mm Wide (Total)
x2 Posts: 2400mm High x 75x75mm

Single Gate:
1500mm High (Lowest Point) x 1630mm High (Highest Point)
1125mm Wide


There is approx 30.83 lineal metres of fencing & gates


10 Fence Panels + 1 Pair of Double Gates + 9 Posts

– Tubular uprights with spears
(2 spears a missing!)

– SHS frame

– Includes a bag of fittings

– Some of the uprights have come away from the frame on the fencing

– Good condition for second hand

– $1,650.00 for the lot

– Can be sold separately, please contact us on 08 8260 4888 for more information

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