# 86




Complete Kitchen

– Includes an “IAG” stainless-steel oven

– Includes an “IAG” natural gas 4-burner cooktop

– Includes an “IAG” rangehood
(in an overhead cupboard)

– Includes a “Miele” dishwasher

– Includes the kick boards

– Includes a pantry
(Approx: 2015mm High (without kick board) x 465mm Wide x 580mm Deep)

– Includes a stainless-steel bowl & half sink
(Approx: 890 x 480 mm)

– Includes a mixer tap & filter tap

– Laminate benchtop

– Good condition for second hand

– $2,200.00 for the lot
(appliances are sold “as is”)


(Please see photos for sizes of the overheads & a diagram of the base benchtops/cupboards)
(Last 5 photos of the kitchen are when it was originally installed)